Reasons to Consider Domains with Genuine Backlinks


Search engines have tightened up most loose ends when determining quality links on a domain. Even though it might be simple to work around a website and manipulate the links, influencing search engines with outbound links or backlinks from other web pages has become a major challenge for the BlackHat SEO community.

The algorithms used by search engines have been coded in a sophisticated manner and it seems all domains are now at the same level. Spammy backlinks for instance, the use of hidden links; can no longer manipulate page ranking at ease. Search engines take into account and try to find links built naturally, at a reasonable pace, and over a long period of time. You might have heard about certain web pages that provide backlinks which instantly improve your stats. These often are automatically generated pages also known as link farms. Several search engines have made these web pages unsuitable for reference and a domain might be penalized and even face a ban, simply because it contained backlinks from these generated pages. To evade all these complications with your domain, it is advisable to use quality backlinks.

Visitors are attracted to websites they can trust. Therefore, domains with genuine backlinks will have more hits. The number of visitors to the domain is directly proportional to the site’s traffic. When using backlinks, people expect to land on a page that is related to what they were on previously, and if this does not happen your website ends up losing its traffic.

As a webmaster, you may be handling several sites and in most instances the content in these domains is related in one way or another. If this is your current status, as a webmaster you should avoid the mistake most people fall victim to, and this is the interlinking of the various websites under the same IP address. Worst possible mistake; search engines will immediately flag up the sites and issue penalties at times. This unfortunate amateur mistake is known as backlink bombing. You might have had the purest of intentions when interlinking the sites, perhaps to provide additional information on a topic; however, with too many links on a domain, search engines are not as understanding.


Building up backlinks

There are factors to consider when building backlinks for beginners in SEO. It would be beneficial for new webmasters to keep a record of all backlinks and learn more about websites that may be linking back to their domain. You should know your domain inside out; from the keywords and their relation to the anchor text of a backlink, to your domain listing across various sites.

An anchor text refers to the hypertext (mostly a keyword or keyword phrase), in a webpage that can be in bold text or highlighted and links to another webpage. The anchor text should be utilized fully by; structuring words in a way that will prompt a tag and entice a visitor to follow the link to the domain. This is a suitable and effective way of gaining quality backlinks to your domain.

Several tools are available to assist a build-up of links in a proper manner and index pages as required. The tools work by searching your domain’s keywords or keyword phrases and directs you to websites related to them. From this step onwards, the backlink building process is simplified, and you can easily generate quality relevant backlinks for your domain. The building of backlinks for domains should be a gradual process to ensure quality maintenance. Quality backlinks are paramount for Search Engine Optimization and should be on top of your SEO work on your domain.

Examples of bad backlinks

  • Backlinks sourced from pages with that have little content. Web pages that have thin content are often devalued by search engines as they have no SEO value. Content plays a major role in determining the value of backlinks.
  • Backlinks from websites such as social bookmarking sites or any form of directories site. These sites are mainly for achieving SEO and most search engines disregard them. Once, you have a backlink to these sites, getting rid of them is quite problematic.
  • Evidence of spammy comments. Reputation of the domain is dependent on your activities on the internet. Webmasters who post random spammy comments on various platforms are more likely to lose the credibility and value of their domain backlinks. Spam commenting also leads to poor page ranking on search engines.