Evaluation of Domain Backlinks


Remember, a good domain is always determined by the various metrics and, domain backlinks are just one of them. In this section we will focus on backlinks and how to assess the quality of backlinks.

Moz and Majestic provide its users with information on the type and number of backlinks obtainable on a domain. Through its use, you will be able to identify all the backlinks directing to the domain, backlinks from specific IP addresses, plus the total backlinks that credit the domain. The two, update their indexes on a regular basis, which is a definite reassurance of trusted results when analyzing the domains you intend to acquire.

Most individuals get misled to thinking that the more backlinks a domain has, the better its page ranks. However true this might be, a mere count of backlinks is not enough in determining page ranks. You may acquire a domain with several backlinks and after a while you realize your domain is not ranking as well as you thought it would on search engines. What happened? You may wonder; well, there are domains that immediately someone acquires it, all the backlinks suddenly disappear. To avoid being scammed in this way and others, it is paramount to thoroughly check the backlinks and recheck with Google, Moz Domain Authority, and Majestic SEO.

When checking for backlinks the following should be considered:

  • True existence of the backlink
  • Here you will have to visit the webpage linking to the domain and take a closer look on its html source code by right clicking and selecting view source or view page source from your options. You should be able to spot the link or links on the JavaScript. If they are missing, your backlinks are probably spammy.

  • Follow and Nofollow attributes
  • An important aspect to learn on backlinks is, the rel=”nofollow” or “dofollow” attribute. These attributes determine whether the backlinks are helping the domain rank better. When the backlinks have a rel=”nofollow” attribute, it simply means that the links will not be calculated when determining the domain’s page rank.

  • Contextual Link
  • You need to figure out the type of backlinks harbored by a particular domain. The credibility of backlinks that are crowded by other links is highly susceptible. In most cases, it is seen as a move to manipulate the search engine page ranking results. Links that are surrounded by basically texts related to the web content have higher chances of passing off as genuine backlinks and will definitely not disappear after a purchase of domain.

  • Category of the website
  • Confirm that the linked website and the domain are related or at least fall under the same group of content; if not, the link is of no value. Backlinks in same category as the domain are more relevant and make sense to search engines when ranking the pages. The more relevant the backlinks are the better the domain quality.