Acquiring Domains with Good Majestic and Moz Stats


There are numerous ways one can pursue so as to acquire a domain that has appropriate backlinks. Most of us usually settle for expired or deleted type of domains. These domains with evidently good Majestic and Moz stats have been used by SEO experts in improving their ranking however not before several precautionary steps were taken.
Registration for an expired domain is equivalent to a fresh registration yet with added benefits.
To understand this, we need to know when domains are termed as expired.

Expired domains were registered at some point and were either forgotten or abandoned as the webmaster is no longer hosting any website under the expired domain name.


Hunting for an appropriate domain with no spammy links is quite the process. You have to be keen and extra careful not to be scammed by acquiring a fake domain or perhaps one that was indexed out by Google decades ago. Great page ranking results is what, every webmaster wishes to achieve as this plays a major role in the success of their online business and/or increase traffic to their site yet there are several scammed domains that have top leveled page ranks. People fall for this kind of scammy websites each time and end up spending a fortune, just to realize that the acquired domain is useless.

Domains worth is determined by its metrics or stats that determined by sites such as Moz, as others prefer using Majestic SEO Trust Flow. The process to acquire domains that have good stats when plugged into Majestic and Moz begins with simple steps as follows:

  • When looking for domains use the various free resources available online to confirm page authority (PA) or the domain authority in addition to any present backlinks. Utilize all available tools to check for traces of any spam.
  • Once you have confirmed that the domain is clean, plug it into Majestic and verify the status of the anchor text.
  • Repeat the processes severally to ensure that you have no spammy links, anchor texts, and with no traces of Ahrefs queries.
  • Register where required to ensure you are analyzing your potential domain thoroughly before spending any penny purchasing it.

Owning an appropriate account is the only assured way to check for spam as you are able to look into the full reports on the site’s anchor text profile and the referring domains. If you find spam on a purchased site, well some might be generous enough to offer you a refund for the sake of reputation.